Mixing is getting each individual channel in a song to sound as a cohesive whole.


Add some compression, EQ and effects such as reverb to the various instruments and you end up with a track that sounds punchy and high-quality, no matter where you listen to it.

Mastering is the dark art of perfecting the final mixes of a song to give them the final polish they need to get them to the next level. Sometimes only the subtlest of changes can bring the track to a whole new level. 

To hear the subtlest of those changes, you need a professional studio. That's where we come in. 

The first, and arguably most important, factor of a mastering studio is the monitoring. Without crystal clear, powerful monitoring, it's not possible to tell exactly what you should be hearing. At Cosmic Audio, this isn't a problem. We have sourced speakers from renowned brands Quested and ATC, and trust their accuracy without any doubts. Our speakers are custom-built, so you won't find a system like this in any other studio - we believe this is shown in the quality of our mastering work.




Having amazing equipment isn't all you need. Experience is what makes the difference between an average master and a truly incredible one. Our engineer, Mark, has over 25 years experience in mastering and can turn any mix into a full-blown masterpiece. 

Take our list of previous clients as a showcase of our experience:

Chas & Dave

Brian Auger

Viktoria Modesta

Channel 4

Lance Ferguson

Freestyle Records

and many more, as well as thousands of tracks for independent bands and solo artists.

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